A Courageous DES Son’s Story….

4 Jun

A Courageous DES Son’s Story….

After 49 years of my life, I sat back and took inventory. This is when I put all the pieces together and remembered talks with my Mother from 40 years prior. I became overly interested in finding out all I could regarding DES. That was over a year ago, after contacting several interest groups and attorneys looking for DES information. I finally came to realize that nobody really was concerned about the DES Sons but only the Daughters. At least I did get answers to things that I had blamed myself for, for so very long. I did nothing wrong, nor did our Mother. She was only following the advice of a doctor. As far as I know, that is what we are all taught to do.
My Mother had 2 miscarriage’s after having my Brother born 5 years before I was born. I remember some time when DES was in the news, I asked Her if She had taken the drug. She got VERY upset with me and told me about the miscarriages, “if I would not have gone to the doctor every week and got shots YOU wouldn’t be here!” That was the only time we ever spoke of it.
I was born in 1963, at birth it was noted that I had undescended testicles. My parents were informed to bring me back after 6 months and at that time they would perform the surgery. 12 years later I was old enough to know something wasn’t right. I asked my Dad if His “area” was the same. I got a very strong “NO!”. Later after my Folks talked, they said I needed to see a Dr. because I was supposed to have this corrected when I was a baby. It is called it a bio lateral orthopectus…excuse the spelling. That was done at age 12.
As soon as I completed high school, I went in to the Military. I was 18 and looked 12 to 13 years old. After my first tour I reenlisted. At 5 years in the U.S.Navy I was an E-5, I was a non-commissioned officer. I had approx. 30 men that worked for me. Again, I don’t even shave yet…. For those who don’t know what the living quarters are like onboard a ship… let’s just say there is no privacy AT ALL. Now I’m about 23 to 25 years old. Still maybe 15% into puberty, Showering, changing clothes…. People whispering.
It forces me to become the meanest Leading Petty Officer to overcome the daily challenges of authority/leadership. 
At age 32 I had a Navy medical officer ask if I was dyslexic? I told him that I had know idea (I was always told that I was lazy and did not apply myself) . After giving me a battery of tests the Dr. said I was extremely dyslexic and after talking a while and explaining my issues regarding puberty. The Doctor wanted to send me to the Naval hospital for more tests. I had an appointment with the head of Endocrinology. After several more tests, I was to meet up with the Navy Capt. for the results. I was diagnosed with Kallmann’s syndrome. I needed to receive shots of testosterone every 2 weeks for the rest of my life because my body was not making any.
At that time, age 32 I was still getting carded (ID’d) EVERY TIME. 10 years later…. I now look like I’m 45 to 55 years old, my weight and body mass had doubled. For the first 3 years I had to self inject testosterone into the butt while looking in a mirror. Not an easy task, not to mention that I wanted to get back at so many people for being flat out mean to me. So I was using more of the testosterone and going to the base gym daily.
I retired from the service in 2001. Now I was on patches for testosterone replacement and my levels were normal.
I started to look into “why” and the more of the onion that I peeled back the more it was making since. Undescened testicles, anemic, endocrine disrupting problems, dyslexic, hypogonadism, urethral meatal stenosis, extreme depression, Kallann’s syndrome, AADDS and also left handed. All symptom’s related to DES exposure. 
This is a quick overview of what I have found out regarding DES. I would like to also add that in my investigation, that my younger Sister is also a surviving from DES exposure. She too has a long list of issues related to DES exposure.
The DES Tragedy takes many forms……

2 Responses to “A Courageous DES Son’s Story….”

  1. cathy cook June 7, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

    why are there no comments shown for these personal stories…why isnt there an open forum to share with each other? ongoing…? shown to all, not individually via email. these issues are too important for the DES afflicted not to have easy access to communication with one another.

    • DES Info June 9, 2013 at 11:55 pm #

      DES Info does its best to share information, but note it is not an official organization or paid group. We do our best to monitor comments in a timely fashion as they come in and “approve” them. We have not been deleting comments about the personal stories. We’ve approved what has come in (which is not much, sadly).

      This blog site is a free wordpress site…nothing fancy. Its purpose is to share info. We’re a volunteer group. No one is paid and we don’t receive donations.

      If you would like to participate in a forum, please sign up for DES Action’s listserv, which is a benefit of membership.

      We encourage everyone with ideas on how to educate everyone about DES to pursue those ideas and build/run the websites they’d like to see. The more that’s out there, the better.

      Hope this helps!

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