You Ruined Many “Mother’s Day” with DES, Eli Lilly. Apologize! @LillyPad @wsj

12 May

Mother’s Day is always a difficult day for many DES Mothers and Daughters — and Eli Lilly is to blame for that.

It is time for Eli Lilly to do the following:

1. Make a formal apology for the DES drug disaster.

2. Follow through on their (good-faith) promise to settle the remaining cancer cases of DES Daughters who have suffered from breast cancer as a result of DES exposure.

3. Conduct an ongoing public campaign in an effort to reach out to women and men exposed to DES so they can be proactive in advocating for their future health.

4. Similar to the book Eli Lilly published years ago to educate physicians on the “benefits” of prescribing DES to their patients, the Company now needs to publish a book to educate physicians on the side effects associated with being exposed to DES in order to properly care for their DES exposed patients.

Send the tweet below to media and breast cancer influencers ASAP (Twitter addresses listed below, under the two messages):

#EliLilly ruined Mother’s Day for millions but refuses to admit DES breast cancer link. We need #AnswersThatMatter @LillyPad!

Twitter addresses to tweet ASAP:

  • WBZ Boston News: @cbsboston
  • WCVB-TV Boston: @wcvb
  • WHDH Assignment Desk: @deskon7
  • Fox 25 News Boston: @fox25news
  • Good Morning America: @gma
  • The TODAY Show: @thetodayshow
  • CBS This Morning: @cbsthismorning
  • The View: @theviewtv
  • Anderson Cooper 360: @ac360
  • The O’Reilly Factor: @oreillyfactor
  • ABC Worlds News: @abcworldnews
  • CBS Evening News: @cbseveningnews
  • NBC Nightly News: @nbcnightlynews
  • Top breast cancer influencers’ Twitter addresses are located under their pictures at this link, on the lefthand side of each webpage:

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