More Personal Stories

5 Jun

Another DES Son speaks out and tells his story…

Hello I’m a 58 year old male to female transsexual whose mother took DES following two miscarriages. I first learned about DES in 1989 during a seminar on Clear Cell Carcinoma. I worked as a Registered Histologist, Cytologist, and Pathologist Assistant for 18 years in Histopathology and we were baffled by clear cell PAP smears showing up. It’s a rare cancer of the vagina. Besides being Trans, I was diagnosed with Hypogonadic Hypogonadism at the young age of 35 which baffled my endocrinologist why it was showing up at such a young age. I was clinically sterile by age 37 despite fathering two children just a few years previously. I also have juvenile diabetes Type 1 and hypothyroidism. From my own research, I firmly believe my hypogonadism and transsexuality is due to the DES prescribed my mother in 1954 during her pegnancy with me. I have fought gender identity issues since I was 5 years old and it has been hell living everyday with it. So far all the research has been directed at DES daughters, but we DES son’s have been effected with serious complications in our lives. I feel that more effort needs to be directed towards the son’s. Thank you Kathryn

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