A DES Son Speaks Out

7 Mar

Read this very informative piece here: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-938285

One Response to “A DES Son Speaks Out”

  1. Jayne at 2:23 pm #

    My mother was given DES while pregnant with me starting as soon as she found out she was pregnant. I spent nearly my entire first year of life in the hospital having various surgeries on me to correct the birth defects I believe are a direct result of the DES. I was born with hypospadias, cryptorchidism and underdeveloped scrotum. I have also suffered my entire life with gender identity issues and a feminine phenotype largely due to being androgen insensitive. When I developed hypogonadism at age 54 and the resultant gynecomastia I decided at that time to not take testosterone largely because I find testosterone to be an intolerable poison to me and the fact that I always felt like a female and for the most part looked like a female. All of my teen years and adult life I felt agitated and very irritable, virtually all of that agitation subsided when I developed hypogonadism due to the loss of testosterone and disappeared entirely when I started estrogen. I then decided to transition to the gender I always knew I was and finally became at ease with myself and was able to express the real personality I had kept buried inside and finally have emotions other than rage and anger. I am now a DES 46XY transsexual woman and at last I am at peace with myself. However to suffer from the gender identity issues all of my life coupled with the agitation was nearly intolerable.

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