In Utero DES Exposure = 300,000 Birth Control Pills #keepLillyhonest

11 Jan

DES is poison. A fetus exposed to the Smith & Smith DES regimen from weeks 7-35 received the equivalent estrogen dose contained in 300,000 birth control pills. Yes, I said THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND. My mother took the Smith & Smith regimen. I was POISONED, as were many of our dear readers. Don’t let up on Eli Lilly. Imagine, if you will, a sonogram picture of a fetus one inch long. Place that image in a clear container and dump 300,000 birth control pills into it; watch them spill out of the container and onto the floor. Buried. That fetus was buried in synthetic estrogen and will never be the same. If a female her eggs will never be the same. Any children she has will be borne of those poisoned eggs, and on it goes. If you are a DES daughter, that fetus is YOU!

Dear readers, please call the office of Eli Lilly; please sign the petition. Please ask your friends to “Like” this page and sign the petition. If you are on other social media spread the word. Tonight. Tomorrow morning.

Call WBZ, WCVB, and WHDH TV; ask them to do more to publicize the recent DES breast cancer settlement. Call your local paper. Call the editors of the magazines that you read and let them know they need to write articles about DES. We need to let the world know that Eli Lilly created a disease that they called “accidents of pregnancy”, then wantonly experimented on pregnant women and their unborn babies by feeding them POISON.

If you are DES exposed, your life and your genetic material have been forever changed. Keep the pressure up on Eli Lilly. Their apology to us is long overdue. (Posted by Admin Andrea)


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