Dr. Adami’s “Mike Tyson Knockout Punch”

9 Jan

Dr. Adami’s testimony delivered a “Mike Tyson knockout punch” to Eli Lilly today. Watch the video news segment about the DES breast cancer trial settlement — and share it online and via email:



One Response to “Dr. Adami’s “Mike Tyson Knockout Punch””

  1. Elke Kiehn January 9, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    So very surprised that all came to an end so quickly – GREAT result for the Melnick sisters and for all DES affected people a victory in the sense that at least we are now validated and not just some women out there having issues……..
    No money in the world can bring back what many have lost, could never have and are constantly battling but hopefully this will bring some justice. Now more so than ever do we need to keep pushing for worldwide recognition of the disastrous effects DES had so that the medical profession is aware and will recognize the trail it is leaving down the future generations!

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