Massive DES coverage in the US and UK!

22 Jan

The historic 53 DES breast cancer cases made headlines across the US this week, when DES lawyers Aaron Levine and Julie Oliver-Zhang scored a major victory by winning Daubert. Below is just a sampling of the numerous articles (easily over 100 nationwide):

  • Law360 article: Click HERE.
  • Telegram and Gazette (DES story made the front page!): Click HERE.
  • Boston Globe:  Click HERE.
  • The Republic: Click HERE.
The Independent in the UK has a front page story today about DES, as DES lawyer Aaron Levine prepares a trip to the UK to hunt for DES Daughters: Click HERE.
The Daily Mail in the UK is also running a story today about DES:  Click HERE.
Please write into these newspapers and leave comments in support of DES victims. Also print out these articles and share them with your doctors, in an effort to educate them about DES.
Lastly, contact your local newspapers and news stations and ask them to run DES stories.
Together we can break the silence about DES and affect change. Let’s take some action!

DES is front page news in the UK!

2 Responses to “Massive DES coverage in the US and UK!”

  1. DES Daughter at 9:31 am #

    Thank you for your support and commitment to the #DES cause.

  2. News in the UK at 5:20 am #

    Keep fighting, you’re doing a great job and it’s great to see others supporting the #DES cause!

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